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2015 Cabrinha Custom Board Only

Board Only Sale Off $899 Sizes: 133 x 40 Wakestyle / freeride leaves choppy water for dead !
2015 Cabrinha Custom
Sales price $ 329.00


Turns choppy water into your personal skate park
Excellent power control
Easy landings
Huge pop
Works well with straps or boots
Moderate rocker line
Firm flex
Outline hipped/ pulled in curve for power control
Double concave with center V and raised fin panels
4x 30mm Hex flow GFN Fins

If your brand of riding leans toward throwing wakestyle tricks on the flats, the Custom would do you right. The Custom is a refined ride from many years of development in the wakestyle arena. The result is a board with pure wakestyle performance and surprisingly great upwind ability. All together this produces an incredibly smooth ride even in tight chop. The Custom is built with our winning combo of a Parabolic Rail™ and basalt laminate construction. The Parabolic Rail™ provides a stiffer center section while delivering a more responsive tip and tail flex and keeping the board weight to a minimum.

Rider Profile: For the riders looking for the ultimate wakestyle ride that also excels in choppy conditions.